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Nissan North America


Project Vision

Nissan Retail Environment Design Project

Nissan Motors’ global brand resurgence took a major step forward in the U.S. with the introduction of the new Nissan Retail Environmental Design for all of its dealerships. The design process was preceded by an intensive research and evaluation phase, during which the team carefully examined Nissan and competitor dealerships throughout North America and interviewed a broad cross section of consumers, key dealers, and regional Nissan management. The research and analysis helped the team understand and articulate the essence of the Nissan brand and revealed opportunities to align consumer needs with improved dealership operations in ways that would differentiate Nissan from its competition.

Customer Experience Mapping was used to ensure that the Nissan brand would be experienced at each important customer “touch point” in the dealership. Through this system, the site layouts, building architecture, interior design, signs, and furniture were all designed. The high-tech metallic finishes, open and transparent showrooms, and customer-friendly wood finishes and secondary colors were direct physical extensions of the new global brand personality of Nissan.

Project Details
The Nissan project is a great example of leveraging a brand as part of an entire consumer shopping experience. The use of contemporary materials and consumer-friendly colors creates a backdrop for powerful yet understated signing and merchandising. The archi-identity of the building allows for this brand personality to be extended to a wide variety of dealer locations while retaining a consistent image.
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Design Team

Peter Dixon (Principal in Charge), Fabian Diaz, James Wright, Nanette Gran, Ryan Kovalek, Will Rogers, Keith Crawford

Design Firm

Lippincott and Margulies


Andrew Collins (Mechanical), Mark Hage (Structural), Christine Glavisich (Cost Estimator), Tom Balsley (Landscape), LSI (Lighting)