Newport Tower Marketing Center




Trizec Properties/Cushman Wakefield


Project Vision

Designed as an exhibition space to market one of New Jersey’s tallest buildings, the Newport Tower Marketing Center’s purpose was to help potential tenants visualize what they could achieve within the space.

Based on a full-floor, test-fit plan, key areas of the space were emphasized within the marketing center. Gensler developed a branded approach that used inventive graphic gestures to minimally transform segments of the raw space and highlight the building’s physical attributes. An oversized measuring tape on floors and structural columns highlighted square footage and ceiling heights, while bold text on walls described infrastructure and other graphics summarized competitive real estate figures.

Gensler also provided print-based marketing materials such as event invitations, brochures, and media presentations, all coordinated with the environmental graphics and interiors within a conservative budget.


Project Details
This is a surprising and fresh design that creates a temporary exhibition space to market raw space to potential clients. At first glance it seems like a whimsical use of oversized graphics with strong colors; with more notice, you realize that the yellow ruler is showing ceiling clearances and answering the question, 'How big is this space?' Key selling points are exclaimed via bold typography painted on unfinished walls. A partially recreated office conference room becomes an object in the large, open loft space and helps to visualize how the spaces could be configured. The focus on key building features and communication of clients' potential space needs creates successful yet simple installations that are engaging and to the point.
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Design Team

Interiors: Joe Brancato (managing principal); Thomas Vecchione (design director); Rocco Giannetti (project director); Shih Hua Liong (interior designer); Patricia Aponte (project architect); Eric Gannon (job captain) Environmental graphics: John Bricker (principal in charge); Susan May (project manager); Shih Hua Liong (interior designer); Korapin Thupvong (graphic designer)

Design Firm



Susan Brady Lighting Design (lighting); WB Engineering (engineers); Structuretone (contractor)


Applied Images (environmental graphics); FLM Graphics (printing); Brand ID Graphics (environmental graphics); Knoll (furniture)