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Project Vision

The graphics cladding the ramps of the Philadelphia Eagles’ new stadium soften the somewhat harsh industrial appearance. The stadium’s close proximity to an interstate and the flight path of Philadelphia International Airport provides excellent visibility for these graphics.

The graphics brand the stadium without using words and logos; instead the color and style of the imagery convey the message. The color palette of cool greens and blues is driven by the team colors. The painterly style transforms the players into icons and the strong horizontal bands of color and controlled blurring imply motion.

Vinyl mesh, rather than solid vinyl, takes advantage of the constantly changing lighting conditions and provides plenty of light and openness. The mesh allows the lines of the ramp structures to show through, resulting in an interplay between the graphics and the architecture of the facility.

The graphics were challenging to produce. Starting with average-resolution digital photographs, the look was intentionally designed to forgive the lack of resolution that would be apparent at these monumental dimensions.

Project Details
An elegant solution to a complex and architectural problem successfully energizes the structure with emotional, evocative imagery. The painterly style softens the hard edges of the structure, building expectation and establishing an emotional connection to the event within. The selection of vinyl mesh allows for the interplay of architecture, light, and the public. An exciting solution to a problem most often left unaddressed or filled with unwanted and unfortunate marketing messages.
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Charleen Catt Lyon (Principal in Charge), Beth Ellis

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