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Miami Project Lobby Art Glass & Dedication Signage

A connected series of crystal dedication and donor recognition plaques greet you on entering this state-of-the-art research and rehabilitation facility and institution for the cure of paralysis. Transparent and luminous panels create the inspirational message and story of the profound endeavor of the project. Words and lines flow through the building and express the importance of connectivity in all its meanings, especially in the healing of spinal cord injury. The most striking feature of the space is the freestanding art glass sculpture in the center of the lobby. The designer used a very powerful and deeply conceived painting image by artist Alex Grey, representing hope. Visually, it is a beautiful metaphor for the human spinal cord. Executed in deep carved, neon edge-lit crystal in three layers and surrounded by a transparent protective curved glass “sheath” handrail, the freestanding piece is carved with names of the founding members and supporting donors.

Project Details
This glass sculpture is an incredible centerpiece to the lobby, immediately drawing the eye to the core. The five filaments inside serve as a strong metaphor for human nerve bundles, while the information on the lower half of the cylinder is elegantly presented, without interfering visually with the sculpture's organic aesthetic. Subdued displays on the perimeter of the round room provide supplemental information but don't detract from what's clearly meant to be the focus of the space.
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Design Team

Christina Wallach (Principal in Charge), Supreeya Pongkasem, Alex Grey, David Gutting, Tenaya Wallach, Arlene Rhoden, Virginia Allen, Patty Aguirre, Dean Perkins, Rich Honsa, Charles Rinn

Design Firm

Wallach Glass Studio


Robert Davidson Architectural Plastics, Margot Silk Forrest, Supreeya Pongkasem


Wallach Glass Studio