Metrius Trade Show Booth



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Project Vision

This newly launched web agency needed to generate a buzz and eclipse the much larger booths of competitors, while maintaining the consistency of its brand expression. Exploding the logo mark outward in three dimensions and creating visual depth through aluminum modular components, translucent materials, reflections, and shadows, the trade show booth presented an activated yet disciplined structural backdrop to showcase demos and presentations during the conference. The repetition of the grid motif and the translucent layering of components echoes integral identity elements used online and in print collateral.

Project Details
This exhibit is remarkable for its use of light and color. On the show floor, the rear-illuminated light box and restrained graphics would glow like a jewel. Construction utilizes the usual stock aluminum extrusions in a new plane. The give-away water bottles become the hero. I can't imagine anyone walking by this exhibit without pausing. A triumph of idea over a very low budget. Wonderful and very warm design for a trade show booth that takes simple materials and transforms them into an inviting locale on a very small scale and even smaller budget.
Juror 1
Design Team

Susan Parr (Principal in Charge), James W. Moore, Christian Daniels, Armen Sevada/Ethos

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