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Project Vision

McDonald’s commissioned UXUS to create an inspiring children’s activity area for the under-seven set, bringing the theme of “What I eat, what I do” to life. The concept embodies an inspiring, playful, educational, and entertaining area within a McDonald’s restaurant no bigger than 20sqm in space.

The project is primarily executed through large, collage-inspired illustrations. The aesthetic is playful yet visually sophisticated, designed to enhance the overall atmosphere of the restaurant and please both the parents and children.

The experience consists of a series of “cottages” with simple activities that stimulate kids’ imaginations and encourage them to cook up their own stories and games. It’s a make-believe McDonald’s village: the McVillage. The use of images instead of words transcends those barriers associated with different geographical areas and children’s ages.

Each cottage represents a phase of the journey food goes through before finally arriving at the dinner table. The journey starts at the farm, goes to the market, and finally ends up in the kitchen. The cottages are designed to house simple activities that will engage children in a physically playful manner, communicating a positive message about food in a fun and stimulating way.

UXUS paid special attention to using durable materials that could withstand heavy usage. Materials also needed to be nontoxic and the vibrancy of the colors needed to last. Using graphics combined with selected 3D play elements, UXUS created a story within which children can become the central character in a series of activities.

The concept is scheduled to roll out in 2009.

Project Details
An incredible play area for kids that immerses the child in a wonderland of imagery and activities and subtly educates about the origins of food. The accomplished resolution of the rich visual language is a refreshing departure for these types of environments.
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Design Team

George Gottl, Oliver Michel (principals in charge); Ruben de la Rive Box (graphic designer); Sten van Limpt (3D renderer); Gavin Elliott (layout/technical designer)

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Bruns (builder)