Jack Daniels Visitor Experience


HOK Studio E

Practice Area


Brown Forman

Project Vision

The Jack Daniels Distillery is internationally known and described through its advertising, which depicts a bucolic hollow and an immutable, rural, picturesque community. The design challenge was to fit a new visitor center into the sylvan hollow and to create a facility that felt like it “has always been there.” The center contains pre-tour and post-tour facilities, a theater, a historic bar, a retail area, and special facilities for conferences. The design focused on bringing a more ordered, polished, and intimate view of the process of making whiskey and on further illustrating the long history and deep traditions surrounding this special place.

Project Details
A seamless example of an exhibit coordinating with architecture and company story. The exhibits tell the story of this company in a sophisticated yet subtle manner, truly setting a tone for the legacy of this company. This is a great infusion of product in an elegant non-commercial fashion.
Juror 1
A well-execuited infusion of corporate identity into an interior that doesn't resort to theme park devices. Consistent and clear with instructive but not overly didactic use of imagery.
Juror 2
Design Team

Charles P. Reay (Principal in Charge), W. Everett Medling, Sally Nikolajevich, Derek Prior, Sarah O’Brien

Design Firm

HOK Studio E


1220 Exhibits, Sain Construction Co.