Grand Central Terminal Retail Directory Map


Two Twelve Harakawa

Practice Area


Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Project Vision

“Uniquely Grand, Totally Central” is the slogan for the newly renovated Grand Central Terminal. A crossroads for New Yorkers and visitors alike, the terminal is a major public transportation juncture, a renowned New York landmark and a successful retail destination. Two Twelve created two wayfinding maps for this grand space. With the retail directory, the challenge was to design a map that would highlight all of the Terminal’s special features and its rich history. The goal was to design a wayfinding tool for retail and transportation destinations that would effectively double as a souvenir. The map drawing was applied to back-lit directory cases and printed as handouts for the riding public.

Concurrent with Two Twelve’s efforts to produce a map and directory for the restored Grand Central Terminal, the firm was hired to design and produce a companion directory map and handout for the millions of passengers who rely on the Metro system. The solution to this complex wayfinding problem was to orient the map in a way that allowed a first-time user to quickly and easily locate and navigate the labyrinth of passageways. Upon closer inspection of the map, travelers can locate the exact route they might take.

Project Details
This is a very well executed solution to a difficult problem, and remarkably it comes off as having the quality of a souvenir.
Juror 1
Design Team

Metro North Map Design Team: Ann Harakawa (Principal in Charge), Lisa Mooney, Diana ZantoppRetail Directory Map Design Team: Ann Harakawa (Principal in Charge), Ellen Conant, Sherri Koetting, Alexia Kasko

Design Firm

Two Twelve Harakawa


Metro North Map Consultant: Jared SchneidmanRetail Directory Map Consultants: Steven Stankiewicz, Laszlo Kubinyi