Frost* Design

Practice Area


Sydney Opera House


Project Vision

The goal of this exhibit for Australia’s leading contemporary craft organization was to demystify the graphic design process by exploring the work of designer Vince Frost. The work comprised editorial and magazine design to corporate identity, environmental graphics, and interactive design.

The space has no windows and little natural light so the decision was to darken it. The cream lino floor was covered in 3M self-adhesive vinyl printed with monochrome images of letterpress type and the white walls were signwritten with floor to ceiling letters reversed out in black. Exhibition labeling in vinyl-cut lettering is positioned within the white letters.

The design challenge was to break up the space and create mystery so that a visitor doesn’t take a linear path through the exhibit, which is presented in Frost’s bold signature style. On entering, you are met with a huge asterisk constructed in gyproc and covered in digital wallpaper printed with examples of work. Each of the five end panels of the arms is mounted with an LCD screen. Multi-media hardware housed within the asterisk facilitates the showing of different scales of work including slide show archive, video, and interview footage and interactive games with further projection onto the back wall. Within the space of the arms, visitors discover something different including books secured on a shelf displayed against a background wallpapered with print-running sheets, magazines hanging on wires, and sheets showing images of the exhibition construction.

Project Details
While relatively small in physical size, this project succeeds in conveying the richness of graphic design in both the exhibit and the designer whose work is exhibited. Large-scale letterforms of the alphabet adhere to the walls and function as a backdrop for exhibit information as well as the work of the designer. Many examples are also scaled up to afford an overview of the design process, telling a story of the design process in multiple ways. It feels like fun without being too precious or self-serving.
Juror 1
Design Team

Vince Frost (Principal in Charge), Beverly Hall, Bridget Atkinson, Joanna Mackenzie, Anthony Donovan, Carl Wellman

Design Firm

Frost* Design


Amnesia (video and programming), Sydney Opera House (lighting)


Object, Wizardry, Claude Group, 3M, Joyce Foam, Willis Leather, Big Image, Artel, Signwave