Formica Kitchen + Bath Industry Show 2003


Kuhlmann Leavitt

Practice Area


Formica Corporation

Project Vision

A twenty-three-foot rooster asked all to Wake Up to Formica! The message was clear: Formica products still rise and shine after more than eighty years. The runways – two long counters – featured 82 different Formica surfaces including sinks. The simple runway plan was accompanied by irresistible egg-shaped lights and seating. Floating typographic walls defined the perimeter and a minimalist sculpture gallery displayed sample swatches.

The simple, long, parallel counters were arranged in the space on a slight diagonal to create the runway. Each counter was surfaced in newly launched Formica products, one in warm colors and one in cool. The whimsical egg shapes of the Italian-designed light fixtures and seats relate to the crowing rooster and allude to fresh new possibilities. Typographic layouts of Formica collection and color names were digitally imprinted on fabric walls. The tone on tone walls, suspended from a truss, floated eighteen inches above the Formica oak floor and created a subtle texture inviting closer inspection.

Project Details
Clean, consistent, and playful, this environment asks the audience to wake up and enjoy the space! The morning theme is realized through the use of egg shapes throughout, including lighting and seating. Subtle use of color allows the product to stand out as jewels suspended on neutral walls. Fun and effective communication!
Juror 1
Design Team

Deanna Kuhlmann Leavitt (Principal in Charge), Deborah Beckett, Monica Goldsbury

Design Firm

Kuhlmann Leavitt


Reveal, SW Display