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Project Vision

Florence Crittenton Services of Arizona is part of a national organization established in the late 1800’s to provide safe housing and care for troubled young women.

It was important to touch the young girls, their supporters, and educators while recognizing the generosity of the donating community. The capital campaign donor recognition elements consist of oversized, stylized flowers on elongated stems up to eleven feet tall. Raw metals with rusted, milled, and polished surfaces add to the artistic look of each element along with handmade ceramic leaves and petals, each one of a kind. Various colors and sizes key to the level of giving. Etched metal leaves display testimonials of prior students who benefited from being part of Florence Crittenton.

As an extension of the capital campaign donor recognition centerpiece, named space elements were added throughout the campus using the etched metal panels of recognition and a custom ceramic leaf or leaves incorporated within.

Project Details
Given the nature of the organization – giving back life to troubled young women – these animated, hand-crafted trees are truly uplifting and convey a celebration of life as a counterpoint to the serious role of the center. The exposed, very visual root system seems symbolic of the difficulty young women have in grounding themselves with a strong sense of self. The execution of the trees and signage system is a wonderful partnership of finished metal with handcrafted ceramics. The leaves are a testimony to the community nature of the center, both honoring donors and providing an empowering venue for their patients to share their sentiments.
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Design Team

Julie Henson (Principal in Charge), Keith Ann Laber, Eric Bolze at E2 Innovations

Design Firm

Thinking Caps


Helen Helwig (Ceramic Artist)


E2 Innovations