First Day of School


SCENO Environmental Graphic Design

Practice Area


Colegio Anchieta


Project Vision

To mark the 120th anniversary of the Anchieta School and welcome students on their first day back from summer vacation, SCENO Environmental Graphic Design created a  visual communication program based on the tangram, the Chinese puzzle that challenges spatial reasoning skills with seven pieces that can be used to form different images.

SCENO conceived the tangram theme as a way to establish a link between the period of vacation, rest, and leisure and the students’ return to a period of responsibilities, search for knowledge, reasoning, and concentration. Large-scale tangram pieces were placed in the school’s yards so that the students could interact in groups to create images together. Signage and graphics based on the concept were created to reinforce the visual theme. And the tangram theme also provided teachers with the foundation for instructional content throughout the first half of the school year.

Project Details
A refreshing use of muted colors and origami-type shapes adds festive energy to a building type that is often drab and uninspiring.
Juror 1
The spirited and playful nature of summer is reflected in this design. The design is simple, sophisticated, and fun. Maybe it's not so bad to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year.
Juror 2
I was really drawn to the playfulness of using the tangram as a central design element—not only using it as an effective way of wayfinding and placemaking¬—but also giving children the ability to see how to deconstruct these design elements.
Juror 3
An engaging interpretation of the school environment, creating an immersive, innovative, and active setting. It playfully juxtaposes the formal nature of historical educational institutions against the developing edgeless digital learning environments.
Juror 4
Design Team

Gabriel Gallina (creative director), Roberto Bastos (project coordinator), Fernando Franco (client service representative)

Design Firm

SCENO Environmental Graphic Design

Project Area

91,493 sq ft

Project Budget





Pino (visual communication), Lupa Comunicação Visual (tangram pieces), PHD Comunicação Visual (banners)