Fake Art Museum


GRA521 Environmental Graphic Design course, Anadolu University, Institute of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Masters Program

Practice Area


Andalou University

Project Vision

As part of their environmental graphic design course in Andalou University’s Graphic Design Masters Program, Ceyda Artun and Dilek Erdogan were challenged to transform the school’s Fine Arts Faculty Canteen into “something more inspirational, interactive, and educational.”

Working with Assistant Professor Melike Tasçioglu, Artun and Erdogan decided to create the Fake Art Museum. Their idea was to encourage students to create reproductions of famous art works and exhibit them in a fun environment. “We wanted the canteen to live with the students, and become a tradition of the faculty.”

The designers spruced up the canteen by painting walls and brickwork, creating new seating areas in front of the canteen’s windows, replacing old tables with modern ones, and adding a large picnic table for group work. To make the idea of contributing to the museum inviting, they created an eclectic collection of fake frames that were reproduced in vinyl and mounted on the walls. A column in the middle of the space is used for a graphic providing information about the Fake Art Museum concept and the famous artworks students can choose to recreate. Interpretive information about the artworks is presented in a formal way, but students are encourage to personalize the presentation with their signatures.

Project Details
’Fake’ not ‘faux’—love it. I imagine the canteen is now the place to go for good food and lively debates.
Juror 1
The project team was very resourceful in creating a slightly provocative installation that invites contributions by visitors. The exhibition is in itself a frame to be activated and populated by the creativity of students who use the space.
Juror 2
From the name to the final collaborative installation, this design says fun. The faux salon style collection of roughly drawn picture frames invites participation by the students in this dining space, and results in a lasting impression enjoyed by all.
Juror 3
Design Team

Assistant Professor Melike Taşcıoğlu (Instructor), Ceyda Artun, Dilek Erdogan

Design Firm

GRA521 Environmental Graphic Design course, Anadolu University, Institute of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Masters Program

Project Area

1,500 sq ft

Project Budget



Professor Bilgihan Uzuner, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Anadolu University; Professor F. Gonca İlbeyi Demir, Vice Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Anadolu University


Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts (paint supplies), Eskişehir/Duygu Reklam (vinyl window films), Xerox Print Center, Eskişehir/Duygu Reklam (vinyl frames), Tek Ofis Mobilya (tables and chairs), KYS Chairs (bar stools).