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Project Vision

Doc Johnson has become the leader in their field by improving the level of product design, packaging, and the image of sexual toys. They pioneered the use of modern colors and clear shell packaging, so the challenge was to convey the client in a way that separated them from the sleaze so often seen in the industry.

Classicly erotic images displayed in oversize silver leaf frames created an aura diametrically opposed to conventional sex toy images, and made the product more accessible to the mainstream market. Because the exhibit is completely neutral in color, the colored products stand out.

Environmental considerations focused around maximizing the image while minimizing the physical mass of the properties. Over 98% of the exhibit was air. Images were printed on recycled fabric and stretched on frames with no backing. Slat wall was made of recycled aluminum. Chairs were recyclable magnesium.

Project Details
This evocative and sophisticated presentation breaks the frame of the product paradigm. Focusing on the sensual, neutral colored imagery creates a sense of mystery and discovery, ultimately revealing the brightly colored and playful product line. The jury responded to the sophisticated presentation of a product that is decidedly perceived to be unsophisticated.
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Mitchell Mauk (Principal in Charge), Larry Raines

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Mauk Design


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