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Design Museum Holon


Project Vision

Design Museum Holon is a major part of the city of Holon, Israel’s, efforts to transform itself into an epicenter of culture, arts, and education. Designed by Ron Arad Architects, the museum features an iconic, sinuous ribbon façade of Corten weathering steel.

The museum’s signage and wayfinding system––designed by Adi Stern Design (Tel Aviv)––challenges traditional approaches, using white arrows on white walls. Primarily discernible from the shadows they cast, the arrows emerge from the walls and transform from two- to three-dimensional forms. The shape of the arrows echoes the flow and movement of the Corten weathering steel bands surrounding the building.

The challenge was to create a system that is visible and easy to use, while not competing with Arad’s dynamic architecture. The system is trilingual, using Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin. It also includes a custom Hebrew typeface designed specifically for the project.

Project Details
A simple idea is what makes this graphic design so successful. The message is clear without distracting attention from the museum exhibits. The fact that the arrows peel away from the wall in a way that has not been done before allows them to become quiet sculptural pieces of art themselves.
Juror 1
Design Team

Adi Stern (designer)

Design Firm

Adi Stern Design


Nadav Shalit (3D design)


Atelier, Doron Rokach (arrows); Industrial Arts Ltd. (typography)