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ADP (Aeroports de Paris)


Project Vision

Aeroports de Paris-France contacted Coco Raynes to create a Universally Accessible Wayfinding and Information System for Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, one of the largest international airports in the world. The system is to be implemented into new and existing built environments.

This concept was selected because the proposed components of the information system could be integrated into the architectural design of the new constructions or easily retrofitted into the existing facilities. The visual, tactile, and audio information will be universally understood and conveyed in three languages: French, English, and Spanish. At Terminal 2C, the challenge was to direct passengers with reduced mobility (PMR) from the point of arrival on the sidewalk to the PMR reception area within the terminal. The components of the information system include an information table with a tactile map blasted on a slab of laminated glass introducing the floor plan of the overall Terminal and orienting the passenger toward the PMR reception area. A handrail segment in stainless steel with Braille and audio information is installed at the edge of the table to protect the glass and further inform travelers.

Handrail segments are installed at four key locations along the path. Each rail presents sequential information, facilitating navigation through difficult areas such as the revolving door entrance. Slightly raised dots mounted on the floor delineate the path already indicated on the tactile map. The dots are bright yellow and make a sound when tapped with a cane.

Project Details
This project elevates accessibility through wayfinding to a new level – touching upon the senses, without obstacles to the end, creating a truly barrier-free environment. Perhaps this idea, that the visually impaired need a complete wayfinding program – not just gratuitous Braille dots in hard-to-find spots – will help ADA administrators to think more universally about access.
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Coco Raynes (Principal in Charge), Kate Singleton

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Coco Raynes Associates


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