Arte & Frank Hairdressing Salon


Frost* Design, Sydney

Practice Area


Frank Della Grazia


Project Vision

The design solution for this boutique hairdressing salon is deceptively simple. Working with a small budget, the idea was to unify the long, tunnel-like interior space by wrapping the salon’s name diagonally up the walls and across the ceiling.

The letters travel around the narrow walls, encouraging the type to react with the added dimension. The salon’s expanse of mirrors constantly shifts viewer perceptions of the type. The type changes direction at the half-way point marked by the ampersand, so that it can be read from both directions, adding to the optical illusion and making the type appear to move. Seen from the outside, the letters draw you in as they spiral back into space.

The lettering was hand-painted on the walls and ceiling; this choice ties in to the craft of hairdressing (and is a nice play on the salon’s logo, which is based on a hand).

Outside, the identification addresses approaching traffic from all directions. Its luminous red color contrasts with the dramatic black and white interior. It also frames the salon’s logo. The idea for the logo arose when the client stuck his fingers up in the victory sign during a conversation; the V, turned on its side, makes a pair of scissors.

Project Details
A study in contrast, this deep, narrow salon is accentuated with large supergraphic type flowing through the space and punctuated with ornate framed mirrors and fresh cut flowers. A good example of creating a sense of space with very few funds. I enjoyed the wit of the scissors logo.
Juror 1
The logo design's allusion to the game of rock/paper/scissors is clever and appealing for application to the craft of hair styling. The interior application of type with concern for how it would read from both ends of the narrow space as well as how clients would see it when reflected in the salon's mirrors is intriguing. I think they've succeeded in creating a design that represents this salon owner's individual point of view.
Juror 2
Design Team

Vince Frost (Principal in Charge), Anthony Donovan, Bridget Atkinson

Design Firm

Frost* Design, Sydney