365: AIGA Annual Design Exhibition



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Project Vision

How does one use a structural form to display a singular idea and express it in multiple ways? Eureka! A simple, illuminating light bulb reminds us that each design starts with an idea. This exhibition celebrates the best designs of 2005; producing the event took the creativity of a team that understands inspiration.

The design team collaborated with the American Institute of Graphic Arts to conceive a display system to address the project’s large scope, including printing of posters, brochures, purchasing materials, fabrication, on-site installation, mounting, photographing the space, and organizing the show opening. The team also met their budget limitation.

Highlighted by the simple, iconic light bulb, each piece is accompanied by a statement from the designer. As visitors view each piece, a light bulb wired to a motion sensor illuminates a translucent credit panel, which becomes a backdrop for the entry. As visitors trigger each sensor, text containing the designer’s “big idea” is highlighted.

Project Details
The exhibition appropriately takes a secondary role and beautifully supports the individual design projects. Inexpensive materials are employed in a clever way – translucent corrugated board with bare light bulbs illuminating the displays underline the idea of the exhibition titled Eureka. The motion sensor highlighting the text as one approaches the project is ingenious. And all this for $20,000. Good work.
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Design Team

Jordan Goldstein, AIA (Principal in Charge), Laura Latham, Steven Joswick, Deanna Francl, Gabriel Markus, Yukiko Takahashi, Bea DePaz, Beth Ready, Maurice Reid

Design Firm



Whitmore Printing (printer), Lisa Hein, Bob Seng (installers), Glolab Corporation (electrical)


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