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Cheryl Hanba, Molly Schoenhoff

Practice Area


Rhode Island School of Design

Project Vision

This exhibit focuses on uncovering the history of Market House, the oldest building on the Rhode Island School of Design campus. This historic site has long been known as a center of commerce, a public gathering place. Our goal was to create a dialogue between three layers of history researched: public commerce, private domestic life and the undocumented existence of the working class. We also strove to reveal the parallels between our current social concerns and those of the past. The installation raises questions about spoken and unspoken conventions that govern both public and private spaces, and about social classification and its impact on individual lives.

Project Details
A true environment, incorporating elements of sculpture, graphic design and lighting design. This project establishes a consistent and compelling overall mood.
Juror 1
Design Firm

Cheryl Hanba, Molly Schoenhoff


Rhode Island Historic Society