marchFirst (formerly US Web/CKS), Eight Inc.

Practice Area


Apple Computer


Project Vision

Apple approached both USWeb/CKS and Eight Inc. to develop a unique environment within the CompUSA San Francisco store. Apple had two challenges: the first was to create a highly visible space that encouraged the customer to experience Apple products in a non-retail environment. The interior architecture and fixtures drew from new store-in-store components and Apple event vocabulary. The brand was expressed in a very simple yet confident manner, blending genius banners and related manifesto; product packaging and the new rendered logo. The second challenge was the schedule. Concepting began in September 1999 and the store opened at Thanksgiving – two months later. This project has been successful in elevating the Apple brand and setting it apart from the other heavily managed areas. This spare, branded environment has created an interactive space for people to test the Apple product line.

Project Details
They've done an unusual thing for the retail arena – not ruin it with an overreliance on signage. In this case the product is the star of the show. It's a compelling presentation and it relies on the goodwill associated with the product.
Juror 1
Design Team

Andy Dreyfus (Principal in Charge), Dana Ahlfeldt, Patti Glover, Aki Shelton, Eric Shellman, Eric Wendt, Amy Wyler (marchFirst); Mike Dolan, Tim Kobe, George Laine, Mark Little, Wilhelm Oehl (Eight Inc.)

Design Firm

marchFirst (formerly US Web/CKS), Eight Inc.