Ceramic Tiles of Italy AIA Exhibit


Mauk Design

Practice Area


Italian Trade Commission

Project Vision

While the function of this exhibit was to showcase Italian tiles, a fabrication requirement was that tiles be used sparingly to keep the shipping weight down. Each overhead pyramid lights a single tile, each weighing less than fifty pounds.

Minimalist elements allow the tiles to be displayed much like art objects. The entire exhibit is dipped in Ferrari red, as most Italian tile manufacturers are located near Modena.

Project Details
A temple of tile is totally appropriate for a product from Italy, a country that has taught us to celebrate the designed object. An especially convincing interpretation of architecture for an architectural audience. The use of a limited number of display pieces strengthens the concept.
Juror 1
Design Team

Mitchell Mauk (Principal in Charge), Mitchell Mauk, Ingrid Ballmann

Design Firm

Mauk Design


Moss Inc.


Peak Exhibits