Practice Area


City of Redmond Washington


Project Vision

Inspired by the strong physical presence of natural elements as well as the less visible but equally ubiquitous presence of technology and innovation in Redmond, Buoyant responds to and acknowledges the unique context of the city as a place between nature and technology.

Buoyant provides a strong cultural anchor to the park by simultaneously acting as a pavilion, an illuminated water feature, and a platform for performance and digital projection that ensures both the work and the park’s engagement, activation and ongoing transformation for future years to come.

The ceiling of the artwork is a circular reflective mirrored disc that appears to float on the medium of water. Water travels down a series of thin grooved structural rods that hold the flow of water through meniscus tension, creating a dynamic water texture that appears almost as a kind of digital pixilation. By day, water droplets glitter in the sunlight and seem to visually de-materialize the structure under the ceiling above. At night, the water wall transforms into a canvas for colored LED light display and projected digital imagery.

Since the creation of the park, many new businesses have moved into the area and residential development continues to thrive. The installation has already been used for digital projection artworks by other artists as well as for a many performances and community park events. Images of Buoyant have been posted hundreds of times, contributing to the large influx of visitors to the new Downtown Park and Redmond.

Project Details
Design Team

Jill Anholt (artist, creative lead), Kelty McKinnon (park designer), Stephen Wilkinson (park design project manager)

Project Area

1,300 sq ft


Clayton Binkley (structural engineer); Denis Blount, (AV/acoustics engineer); Christine Lee, Janelle Drouet, Yuliya Savelyeva (lighting design); Stuart Kendall (fountain specialist)


Fabrication Specialties Ltd. (fabricator and installer of custom metal work), Seattle Solstice (fabricator of water wall and mechanical components), North American Terrazzo (terrazzo floor), Thermal Systems (reflective ceiling panels)