The Baptist Health South Florida Gallery, Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science


Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Project Vision

Through interactive and social experiences, programs and shows, visitors to the “MeLaß” explore some of the most important kinds of choices we make related to eating, exercise, relaxation, social interaction and learning, while seeing how different choices could lead to different and improved outcomes for overall well-being.

The gallery is divided in five major zones: Connect, Relax, Move, Eat and Learn. Portals provide an overview of each zone’s topic, as well as the public health issues and current related research. Custom illustrations highlight those parts of the human body involved in the activity for that zone and a media component gives updated information on technological advances. Upon entering the Gallery, visitors receive a visitor card, and are directed to the “Brain Gym” where they create a digital profile and a customized ßeta, a digital individualized companion/coach/mentor.

As they go through zones, they collect stamps that trigger questions to quiz their new knowledge. An interactive, multi-user game challenges visitors to prevent an outbreak of the flu, and another encourages them to plan healthy meals. The center focal point of the gallery is an interactive dance floor that tracks visitor’s steps. Upon exiting, visitors are also asked to set a goal, which they can add to the Miami Wall upon leaving the gallery.

The gallery needed to be able to transition from exhibit space to event space in one hour, so exhibits were designed and constructed to be removable, stored within themselves and positioned at the edge of the gallery during events. Informative graphics built into the exhibitions assist the staff with the set-up and breakdown.

Project Details
Design Team

Ralph Appelbaum Associates Design Team: Ralph Appelbaum (principal in charge); Marianne Schuit (project director); Dennis Cohen (concept director); Matthew McNerney (concept designer); Danae Colomer (project manager); Melinda Zoephel (designer); Mary Choueiter (art director); Jesen Tanadi, Hannah Nathans, Luis Caicedo (graphic designers); Miranda Smith (content Developer); Hana Elwell, Andrea Worby, Helios Tavio (content coordinators), Karen Booth (editor)Potion Design Design Team: Phillip Tiongson (principal); Heather Velez, Claire Bradley (producers); Matthew McNerney (design director); Edyta Lewicka (designer); Tamar Ziv, Filippo Vanucci, Ritesh Lala, Luobin Wang, Brian McGaw (developers); Nathan Raabe (motion graphics); Julie Rega (illustrator)

Project Area

9,000 sq ft

Project Budget



Three Dimensional Services, Inc.