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Auckland City Art Gallery

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Auckland City Art Gallery Signage

The Auckland City Art Gallery for many years operated with a potpourri of interior signage that lacked cohesive organization. The signage system by Peter Haythornthwaite Design is a modular, cost-effective and versatile system based on multiples of a square. The panels snap into place and, as they can be easily repositioned, they can be moved and replaced to respond to changes in the gallery.

The approach taken for the signage system is that of “quiet messengers,” informing and directing where necessary, but not intruding on the art works and gallery spaces. Neutral colors and low contrast are used (except in the case of hazard, danger or emergency signage, which was red).

The signs are made using readily available materials that can be processed by CNC equipment (milling, latheing) and using vinyl-cut and screen-printed graphics.

Project Details
Juror 1
Design Team

Peter Haythornthwaite, Bella Grant, Jim Griffin

Design Firm

Peter Haythornthwaite Design


Winston & Gordon Davies, Lexicon