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Graphics and Signage for ArboNed Office Interiors

ArboNed is a Dutch service organization in the field of work and health, specializing in helping people who have been without employment due to long-term or chronic disabilities with advice regarding health preservation at work and re-integration. Developing innovative ways to create an inspiring work atmosphere through use of interior graphics and signage was a tight collaboration between interior architects and graphic designers. The approach was to integrate graphics and architecture and establish an ambiance that is not only enjoyable to ArboNed employees but also uplifting to ArboNed clients, who often come to the offices quite discouraged and/or physically disadvantaged. Hallways, office spaces, and consultation rooms are surrounded by light-hearted, bright, and colorful graphics and a strong signage system leads clients and employees to their destinations. Beside the humorous and energizing purpose of the graphics, they also symbolize functions of specific departments (e.g. dentistry) to provide clear reference points for orientation. Graphics, the signage system, and the architectural division into different departments for specific medical services are the contributing factors in ArboNed’s wayfinding system.

Project Details
The environmental graphics deliver a highly integrated and totally uplifting message, energizing the space while supporting departmental wayfinding. Spatial placement, massing, and punctuation further reinforce the success of these graphics.
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