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Project Vision

In a traditionally tame event with tame graphics, AmericaOne stood out with its snow sport inspired graphics. The client wanted a design that represented the cutting edge technology that goes into the sport. The use of non-traditional colors combined with hull graphics that violate the water line created a visually engaging boat representative of its speed and energy. The identity was carried from boat graphics to clothing/wet gear design to letterhead and website.

Project Details
Fantastic! Cool! Hip! This boat redefined the staid image of the America's Cup, a venerable yachting event. The graphics demand that you update your thinking to reflect the bleeding edge technology and super athletes who man these yachts. Great type, bold color, and form made this yacht jump off the TV screen when compared to its competitors. I loved this look.
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Design Team

Michael Vanderbyl (Principal in Charge), Jeremy Regenbogen

Design Firm

Vanderbyl Design


AmericaOne Construction (boat), Custom Dyed Gore-Tex (clothing)