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Adobe asked Mauk Design to infuse their world headquarters lobby with their brand identity. The lobby, designed by HOK architects, was a powerful blend of marble, steel, and wood, but had none of Adobe’s personality or products. The challenge was to bring Adobe’s personality to life in a way that respected the lobby’s architecture. The primary element is a 20 by 25 foot “color swatch” palette taken from Adobe Illustrator’s interface. In the morning, sunlight washes through the color swatches like a stained glass window, painting color across the lobby as well as the employees as they enter the building. At night, lights reverse the color toward the exterior.

To display product specific imagery, an image garden of twenty light boxes and five plasma screen monitors was created, focusing on movement and the unique Adobe icon interface. The designers realized that all corporate logos are produced using Adobe Illustrator; the animation of two 42″ plasma screens allows this creative process to be expressed.

The primary impact of this project was to enhance, strengthen, and reinforce Adobe’s brand. The visionary image also helped with Adobe’s employee morale and new employee recruiting. As a result of the positive response to the lobby by the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Adobe has been given remarkable zoning freedom in development of its third new building. This alone has paid for the entire branded lobby project.

Project Details
An inventive, technologically appropriate way to show the logo. Smart and inspirational.
Juror 1
A beautiful statement of one of the most recognized Adobe components, especially when viewed from outside.
Juror 2
So glad this entry came with a video – when the reception sign began its drawing of the Adobe logo in Illustrator, I got chills. This represents the good part of what we have to look forward to as our whole profession faces the pace and reality of moving messages. The web safe color palette comes off as beautifully as a cathedral's stained glass. The marching, skewed display monitors are a humorous contrast to the brutal architecture of the lobby.
Juror 3
Made my heart beat faster – and raised the bar on 'less is more.' Also reinforced the idea that if you seek, the answer will appear! Well done.
Juror 4
Design Team

Mitchell Mauk (Principal in Charge), Ingrid Ballmann

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Mauk Design

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20 by 25 feet