50 Years of TV and More


Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Practice Area


Globo Media Corporation and Associacao Brasil +500

Project Vision

Celebrating 50 years of TV in Brazil and exploring viewer relationships with the medium in an environment that symbolizes and refers to the nature of media itself, this exhibit is completely media-driven, responds to the historic building, and can stand up to high projected attendance. The project uses the building as a canvas for the subject matter; it takes themes of reflection, windows, and visual perception and uses pools, portholes, and projections to symbolize the abstract themes. The exhibition gains momentum from the architecture, which was perfectly suited to house the project. The designers used the building as the basis for the design vocabulary.

Project Details
Remarkable use of colored lighting effects made me feel like I was inside a TV. This exhibit made dramatic use of existing architecture. The scale of the blinking eye projection on the floor provides a surreal connection with the TV viewer.
Juror 1
Design Team

Ralph Appelbaum (Principal in Charge), James Cathcart, Francis O’Shea, Jessica Holbrook, Jake Barton, Tim Ventimiglia, Chistiaan Kuypers, Mona Kim, Nancy Hoerner, Sylvia Juran, Allegra Burnette, Joshua Pearson, Kate Wharton, George Robertson, Pia Samrithikul, David Troutman, Don MacKinnon, Larry Majesky

Design Firm

Ralph Appelbaum Associates


Technical Artistry (lighting)


Showtime Exhibit Builders Inc., S&G Woodworking, Corcoran Marble and Monument Company, A.S.F. Glass, Inc., Wall Track Systems Inc., Consolidated Carpet Work Inc., Blumcraft of Pittsburgh, Pook, Diemont & OHL, Inc.