365: AIGA Annual Design Exhibition 24


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Project Vision

Finding a way to display 113 discrete pieces while maintaining clarity and avoiding the cacophony of a cluttered space is difficult enough. But because the AIGA’s annual design competition covers a range of design disciplines, it was also crucial to respect how each piece was meant to be experienced.

Organizationally, the designer departed from previous approaches and mixed up mediums as an editorial comment on the fact that lines between design disciplines are continually blurring. They embraced the long, narrow gallery, and emphasized the extended floor plate by creating a series of freestanding pedestal displays that grew taller and smaller as they receded, creating an exaggerated perspective. The materials used in the exhibit had to withstand the wear and tear of constant wintertime deliveries and visitors. One solution was the custom graphic flooring, which was laid over the existing hard wood floor, resisted fading, was easy to clean, and a breeze to remove.

Figuring out how to achieve the impact of a permanent installation on a temporary exhibit’s budget was another obstacle. In addition to the amount set aside by the AIGA to implement the design, the designer was instrumental in raising an additional sum in donated products and services in order to realize the project.

Project Details
This project is recognized for maintaining clarity and establishing a consistent, simple presentation of 113 discrete award winners, giving each competitor and respective winner equal time. Special recognition for doing a lot with a little was awarded to this project for achieving a unified presentation in a difficult space, and on an extremely tight budget. Simple, clear, and effective communication of a set of disparate competitors.
Juror 1
Design Team

Ken Carbone (Principle in Charge), Susan Weingarten (Design Director, Exhibition), Justin Peters (Design Director, Print Comunications), Lynn Paik, Paul Pierson, Adam Snetman (Designers)

Design Firm

Carbone Smolan Agency