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If your customer is lost, you’ve lost the customer.

PAM synthesizes your wayfinding data along with other information sources, to provide a smart, connected real-time visitor experience.

PAM is the first complete smart wayfinding platform that expands the reach of wayfinding designers into the digital realm. PAM enables you to create and deliver connected environments through an array of touchpoints including physical signs, device-based wayfinding, digital signage, wayfinding kiosks. Pam is a powerful personalized platform that seamlessly connects data and customers in real-time to the environment, so it becomes more pleasurable, productive and profitable.

Designers can plan and implement wayfinding projects using PAM Studio in the cloud, on any device. Plan the location of objects such as signs, digital displays, and kiosks. Rapidly identify budgets and collaborate with stakeholders to Instantaneously produce documentation and reports. Save time, ensure data accuracy and simplify customer interactions.

PAM is the intelligent and intuitive navigation platform that transforms big difficult spaces into pleasurable & profitable places.

Email Jason Hutty at [email protected] or call 1-888 462-6364 for more information.

Find out how the PAM system integrates your Wayfinding process to future proof your eco-system.


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