SEGD: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Experience Design Leaders

Hear from SEGD Member Jenny Hsin-Yi Chang about their journey with SEGD:

When I reminisce about my path from being a student at FIT specializing in Exhibition & Experience Design to where I am today in the vibrant world of experience design, one name stands out as a guiding beacon: SEGD, the Society for Experiential Graphic Design. The opportunities SEGD provided weren’t just stepping stones; they were transformative experiences that shaped my evolution into a budding professional.

SEGD wasn’t just an organization; it was a community that believed in nurturing talent. They worked closely with our program, and deliberately created opportunities for students to break into the professional world. One defining moment etched in my memory was the chance to present at the SEGD Xlab Conference. The nerves mingled with excitement, but the warmth and encouragement I received there propelled me forward. It wasn’t just about the presentation; it was the belief they instilled in me that I have something to offer to this grand landscape of design.

What set SEGD apart was their inclusivity. Through events specifically tailored for students like me, I found myself rubbing shoulders with industry stalwarts. Those interactions weren’t merely exchanges of business cards; they were seeds planted, growing into invaluable relationships that continue to shape my journey today.

Attending SEGD conferences felt like diving into a melting pot of ideas, trends, and techniques. Each session was a revelation, expanding my horizons and igniting sparks of creativity. The knowledge gained from these conferences has been instrumental in shaping my design approach and fueling my passion for innovation.

The recognition I received through SEGD’s awards was more than just a pat on the back; it was validation. The Global Design Awards, standing tall as a beacon of excellence, challenged me to push boundaries and set higher goals. And the acknowledgment at the Academic Summit not only boosted my confidence but also amplified the reach of my ideas.

Now, as an Exhibit Designer at Deckel & Moneypenny, I owe much of my success to SEGD’s nurturing efforts. The recent accolades – the Future Leader Award and the Eddie Awards for our work – feel like shared victories, a testament to the early support I received from the SEGD community.

SEGD didn’t just provide opportunities; they gave me a space when I was still searching where I belong. They didn’t just talk design; they fostered a mindset that’s integral for a young mind to grow and thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

Reflecting on this journey, my heart swells with gratitude to SEGD. Their impact wasn’t just professional, but personal. To those seeking a career in experience design, I urge you to immerse yourself in this wonderful community. It’s a family that welcomes seeds and nurtures them to discover what they could become.