Kayte Muse 2023 SEGD Chapter Chair Award

Boston Chapter (Massachusetts, U.S.A)

The SEGD Chapter Chair Award recognizes outstanding volunteer efforts while significantly contributing to the direction, growth, strength and excellence of SEGD both regionally and internationally. Past recipients include the SEGD Raleigh Chapter, SEGD Riga Chapter and Cynthia Damar-Schnobb.

As Chapter Chair, Kayte Muse has been a nurturing force within the SEGD Boston design community. Her warm demeanor, knowledge of the field, consistent engagement, and willingness to share experiences have made her an essential resource for other Chairs. Her leadership in the EGD community has facilitated connections among students, emerging professionals, and longstanding SEGD members, keeping the Boston Chapter a vibrant hub for knowledge sharing. Her contributions continue to elevate SEGD’s local and regional presence, underscoring her deservingness of this year’s SEGD Chapter Award.