“Heart of the Game” Panel Announced for SEGD Sports + Entertainment!

There are only three weeks until 2024 SEGD Sports + Entertainment, a two-day extravaganza celebrating the intersection of design, sports, and entertainment. Set in the vibrant atmosphere of Circa Las Vegas, the event is happening April 10-12, and is graciously hosted by our Presenting Sponsor, Daktronics.

Featured Panel

SEGD is excited to announce a new panel titled “Heart of the Game: Igniting Fandoms Through Design, Brand, and Signature Experiences in Women’s Soccer.” This panel offers a comprehensive look at how the heart and soul of women’s soccer can be expressed and amplified through thoughtful branding and design efforts.

The panelists will illuminate how designers and developers ignite and nurture fan enthusiasm for women’s soccer through the strategic use of design and branding, while at the same time emphasizing the creation of memorable, signature experiences that connect fans more deeply to the game. 


Mike Kress
Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Generator Studio

As Co-founder and Chief Architect for the Kansas City-based architectural and interior design firm Generator Studio, Mike Kress owes his continued success to consistent delivery of thoughtful design. 

With attention to creative vision, detail, and budget, his leadership on multiple sports and hospitality projects has been efficacious. No matter the client, Mike is often engaged in topics well beyond the built environment, solving issues and creating long-term value through design. The process of working with key stakeholders to identify, curate and catalog critical criteria to draw out important and actionable data from his clients to create tailored design solutions is what he does best.  

Since the inception of Generator Studio in 2009, the office has remained dedicated to being active in a variety of project types, including sports facilities, restaurants, hotels, and live music venues. Generator has been fortunate to work with numerous major sports brands, including multiple NHL, NFL, and MLS franchises, and hospitality brands like Live Nation and Margaritaville. 

Most recently, Mike was Partner in Charge of the Kansas City Current’s Training Facility and their matchday home, CPKC Stadium.

Ashley Loch
Creative Director, Dimensional Innovations

Ashley Loch is a Creative Director with Kansas City-based design-build firm Dimensional Innovations. For over ten years she has developed curated environments through her work in the field of Experiential Design, focusing primarily on the Collegiate and Professional Sports markets. Her work can be seen in venues across the nation and, most recently, at CPKC Stadium — home of the Kansas City Current and the world’s first purpose-built stadium dedicated to women’s professional sports.

Amedea Tassinari
Creative Director, Angel City Football Club

Amedea Tassinari is the Creative Director for Angel City FC, L.A.’s professional women’s soccer team. She helped to build the brand from the ground up, and currently leads the design team and the club’s brand and creative efforts.

Before joining the club as Creative Director, she was selected to design Angel City FC’s crest and brand identity. At launch the crest garnered widespread positive global coverage, resulting in 178M in reach, $1.6M+ in Media Value, and 6.28% audience growth rate.

Previously, Amedea was a freelance designer & creative director, working with brands to build a design system and tell their story.

Amedea believes in the power of sports and design to drive social change, and is passionate about shaping a future of equality for women in sports.

Ryan Whitacre
Director of Design, Legends Project Development 

Over the past 13 years, Ryan has made the development of sports facilities his life’s work. He is a relationship builder who guides the project team to meet the project goals and budget. As a registered architect focused on sports facilities, Ryan brings a seasoned eye to the process early in order to minimize changes and ensure success.

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