Tiffany Willey

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January 2022

Tiffany Willey is a Exhibits Lead at Art Processors. She has over 20 years of design experience and 11 years in Exhibit Design.
She has an undergraduate degree in Fine Art, with a focus in Painting and a Master in Exhibit Design from Pratt.

She began her design career by creating environmental murals. She painted murals in restaurants and residences while also working for a public relations firm creating graphics for Rockstar Energy drinks, Shelby Cars and National Lampoon. She has since brought her eye for color and composition into the 3d world creating museums and visitor attractions around the country. she has worked on a variety of projects ranging is genre and scale, museums such as the Tennessee State museum, National WWII, US Olympic and Paralympic, college football hall of fame, Mississippi Arts and Entertainment and the intimate Southern Jewish History Experience.

She is inspired by the ways in which we can transform space to aid in the way people feel and engage. Having the ability to spark curiosity and excitement in others, and co-creating with a multitude of creative people is something she looks forward to everyday.

In addition to her physical design work. Tiffany is also an illustrator, creating illustrations for clients such as Saks, Christies, Tiffany’s and Rent the Runways Jennifer Hyman.

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Destination Experiences, Exhibition, Interpretive


Cultural, Education, Entertainment