Sundar Raman

Cynical design evangelist and reluctant optimist



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May 2024

When I have to put myself into a professional bucket, I call myself a “Creative Engineer” My background spans alternative energy, community radio, permaculture, wired and mobile Internet telephony, open-source advocacy, social gaming, and interactive experience design. I find myself meandering between cynicism and optimism for both design and engineering. But I strongly believe that technology is a facilitator for art and user experience, and that technology should be easy, fun, and approachable for everyone.

Ask me about

How to build true “spatial experiences”, and how to create a new language for the built environment to feel conversational.

My super power is

I don’t have a super-power, and maybe we don’t need super-powers. We just need to treat everyone with kindness.

I'm looking for

Weird and wonderful ideas and people

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Do it anyway.

Practice Area

Digital Experiences, Exhibition, Strategy/Research/Planning

Focus Area

Augmented (AR/VR), Destination Experiences, Digital, Exhibition, Graphic, Interactive, Interpretive, Signage, Smart Cities, Sustainability


Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Museums, Retail, Urban + Civic