Stephen Platenberg



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August 2023

Stephen Platenberg is a principal and creative director at Cortina Productions. He provides creative media design, technical knowledge and problem solving leadership to develop and deliver emotional and experiential media experiences. Building upon Joseph Cortina’s sports broadcast background, Stephen has made Cortina Productions the “go to” media company for sports-related visitor venues and halls of fame.
He has extensive field production and technical experience leading Cortina Productions teams in capturing ultra high resolution live-action sports, special effects shooting for interactives and complex interactive systems that provide unique visitors experiences. His 15 years of work have been honored with three THEA Awards as well as numerous Media & Technology MUSE Awards and CINE Golden Eagle Awards.
Stephen Platenberg – along with Joseph Cortina – leads the Cortina Productions technical team members in continuing our capital investment in state-of-the-art production and post-production equipment and services. Stephen also works closely with our programming department to ensure Cortina Productions remains knowledgeable about emerging technologies to ensure our strong partnership with systems integrators.
In addition to his project leadership, Stephen Platenberg – along with principal Jim Cortina – is active in business development. He is an avid sports fan and as such leads most of our sports-related projects. Stephen received his Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University in 2000. Like all Cortina Productions principals, Stephen provides our clients presentation services to public and private stakeholders.
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