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March 2009

SF Bay Area Signage Consultants delight clients with designs you can build! My name is Shannon Hackley, and I founded Shannon Leigh in 2009. With 20 years of hands of signage fabrication experience, my firm has a special ability to design sign programs that can be built. How novel.
My gifting is business development. I make it rain, and my team makes it happen. I hire gifted designers that know how to inspire, design, program and manage large scale sign programs. Our firm is located in San Leandro, Calif., and has recently expanded to add a Sacramento branch in 2017. We are growing and have clients around the country and now in Mexico. Projects include Ritz Carlton Reserve, Cabo San Lucas, 1440 Multiversity, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Healthcare, Sutter Health and El Camino Hospital, and multiple community college campuses.
Company tenet: Clarify the client’s needs, create appropriate designs for the conditions and brand, and connect the user with client’s goals and the environment.
Love to have you come see my new studio at a fantastic new space in San Leandro, Calif.
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