Scott Saunders



Member Since

January 1999

Scott Saunders is president of Wayfinding Associates, a consulting firm specializing in the assessment, design, planning, and project management of wayfinding and signage systems.
Designing wayfinding systems that balance the needs of visitors and stakeholders is Scott Saunders’ forte. Mastery of wayfinding principles allows him to identify existing wayfinding obstacles in complex environments. With this insight, he develops corrective strategies while coordinating various elements including signs, maps, lighting, architectural finishes, landmarks, room numbers, brochures and electronic technologies to create environments that are intuitive to self-navigate.
Scott Saunders interfaces with stakeholders and vendors to establish clear expectations and provides the management presence necessary to achieve the desired results. His approach to solving facility wayfinding and sign problems has attracted a number of distinguished clients including the Library of Congress, Princeton University, the FBI, Penn State University and West Point Military Academy and the UPMC Health System.
In recognition of his expertise in the field of environmental graphic design, Scott Saunders has been invited to lecture on various wayfinding topics at professional conferences and client events. Most recently, Mr. Saunders conducted a presentation at the ERAPPA Academic Conference in Pittsburgh on the foundations of Wayfinding.
Additional presentations he has made include the Healthcare Design Symposium in Chicago, the UNICOR Federal Trade Show in Dallas, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering in St. Petersburg and the NEOCON World’s Trade Fair in Chicago.
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