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November 2010

Picto Signs is a UK-based design-led wayfinding and signage company. Fronted by director Sarah Phillips, Picto provides turnkey signage solutions that include design, manufacture and installation – as well as wayfinding consultancy services.
Director Sarah Phillips has specialised in signage and wayfinding since graduating with a degree in Design for Industry from Northumbria University in 1989.
Setting up Picto Sign Solutions Ltd in 2002, Sarah Phillips bases her wayfinding expertise on a sound knowledge of manufacturing, and on her hands-on involvement with the design and project management of signing schemes across the UK.
Sarah Phillip’s focus is always on making it easy for the people who use a space to find their way around. Her particular interest is in inclusive signage. And her most recent focus is on the developments surrounding signage for people living with dementia.
Focusing on six key sectors – education, healthcare, culture, living spaces, workplace, and community and sports facilities – Picto’s wayfinding systems use a considered combination of materials, manufacturing and print technologies, and graphics – including typography, colour and pictograms.
Sarah Phillips selects the most appropriate materials and manufacturing techniques, according to budget, environment, and operational requirements. All Picto’s projects meet guidelines outlined by the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).
Picto works with architects, interior designers, project managers, contractors, and developers. Sarah Phillips also works directly with clients and decision-makers who have the responsibility to run and operate buildings.
Picto Sign Solutions Ltd helps people find their way around buildings and public spaces, giving careful consideration to how people behave in unfamiliar places, and to best practice for content and layout.
For more details on Picto’s turnkey solution or wayfinding consultancy provision, get in touch with Sarah today.
T: (44) +191 375 9036
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