Ross Hancock



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January 2000

Ross Hancock is the Senior Vice President of GableVision in Baltimore MD.
Ross Hancock is an industry leading Visual Communications executive. Since 1996 he has influenced the growth of GableSigns, a nationally recognized Custom Sign and Architectural Graphics Fabricator located in Baltimore Maryland. As Vice President of Sales he has spearheaded the creation and growth of the business unit known as GableVision, a world class creator of Digital Sign and Multimedia Solutions. Ross Hancock has 27 years of consulting with Americas leading Retailers, Developers, and Experiential Graphic Design Professionals. As a Marketer, he identified the emerging trend of Digital Communication and Social Interaction in the physical environment and has been instrumental in the execution of GableVisions core products and services. His passion for branding and technology naturally intersect the physical world with the virtual world, through the power of dynamic content and persuasive digital media, all delivered through hi-resolution displays and connected devices.
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