Robert Crawshaw



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December 2021

Robert Crawshaw is an owner/architect at Work Program Architects (WPA) in Norfolk, VA. WPA started as an architecture firm that has expanded to include industrial design, urban design, interior design, and graphic design largely focused in the SE Virginia and NE North Carolina area…but our reach is expanding.
Robert started his career with National Park Service projects from Jamestown Island to Fort McHenry before expanding to residential design, national campus projects, and adaptive reuse. Though his career work is largely focused on architectural design solutions, Robert has been working in printmaking for more than 10 years with his Dick Blick Sign Press and Chandler & Price Old Style Platen Press.
Robert serves as a mentor to high school students thinking of entering the field of architecture, architecture students at his alma mater attempting to develop a portfolio to find work in the field, and recent architectural graduates as they find their way into their careers. He has lectured on Typography in Environment, portfolio design, and has sat on mentoring panels for AIGA portfolio reviews.
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