Ritesh Lala



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July 2020

Ritesh Lala is a Creative Technologist trained in the systemics of new media theory and its applications in the fusion of art, science and engineering. For the past 10 years, he has created interactive experiences for public, health and corporate spaces with form factors that span from tiny 2″x2″ cubes to multi-projector multi-room scale. His installations allow users to extend their physical selves into digital spaces and augment them with a sense of magic and wonder made possible by stunning visuals and invisible sensors.
Ritesh brings his multidisciplinary background and skills to craft narrative rich digital experiences. His focus is on constantly researching new technologies and building on design by pushing the boundaries of graphics and interaction. Combining experience and inspirations from fields like machine learning, generative art, game design and gestural control systems, he works to ultimately build immersive experiences that make people smile and connect with themselves and the people around them.
Ritesh’s work at design studios like Stimulant and Potion has earned several awards and has been featured in Communication Arts and Popsugar among others.
View Ritesh Lala’s website at https://riteshlala.net