Richard Foy

Richard Foy

1999 SEGD Fellow


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March 1989

Richard Foy co-founded CommArts with Henry Beer in 1973. The two met at the office of Charles and Ray Eames. CommArts was an office of architects, industrial, interior, graphic, and environmental graphic designers who built a remarkable history of giving shape to their clients’ message and mission by providing integrated design solutions from concept to realization. The firm completed more than 3,000 projects for clients nationwide and globally.

Richard Foy received his degree in design from California State University at Long Beach in 1968.

Read Richard’s entertaining biography at the Boulder History Museum site. Here is an excerpt from that article:
“Born in New York City 1944, schooled in L.A. I always lock doors and see who else is on the street. Two brothers, two sisters. Peruvian, French, Mexican, Italian immigrant parents and grandparents. Si, puedo hablar Espanol e mi piace cebo Italiano. Father wore a tux almost every night for dinner. He worked at Chasen’s in Beverly Hills. Both parents worked in the restaurant business. Grandpa Giacomo, worked construction – a blue collar clan. Giacomo taught me to love opera, science, beauty, and ideas based on philosophy rather than ideology — a literate form of streetwise.”