Richard Dirstein



Member Since

March 1993

Executive VP Design & Innovation, Principal
A self-professed gadget guy, Richard Dirstein is never without the latest and greatest in handheld technology. His interest in innovation extends to his work where he drives the creative vision at Shikatani Lacroix, as well as overseeing the environmental and retail design department.
With 19 years of experience, including a wide-ranging background in corporate, wayfinding, packaging and retail design, Richard Dirstein’s innovative solutions to diverse problems alway build on his clients’ strategic objectives. He works closely with our in-house graphics group to ensure graphic solutions integrate flawlessly with all aspects of environmental design.
At Shikatani Lacroix, Richard Dirstein has created wayfinding and environmental designs for clients such as the Toronto Blue Jays, Cox Communications, Cineplex Entertainment, and Second Cup International. And just like the remarkable new features on his latest digital device, his work always surprises and delights.