Phuong Nguyen



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December 2021

Phuong is a Senior Experiential Graphic Designer at EYP, a people-first, interdisciplinary design firm specializing in higher education, healthcare, government, and science & technology. With over 400 employees, across 11 offices, EYP is a community of designers, sharing diverse perspectives.
EYP’s Experiential Graphic Design team are visual storytellers, crafting purposeful wayfinding, branding, and placemaking to elevate the human experience. The EYP team brings expertise in graphic, interior, industrial, and environmental design as well as illustration, branding, marketing, fine art, and even biology. This leads to interdisciplinary collaborations that are curious and iterative, combining methods and creating news ones to tell your wayfinding, branding, and placemaking stories.
With Phuong’s background in Biology and 20-plus years of design experience, you could say she’s a left-brain/right-brain person. She loves to dig into the research and analysis at the outset of a project, looking to discover a new way to represent a familiar concept. Integrating the universal, accessible, and artful is at the center of her methodology to wayfinding and placemaking.
Phuong’s expertise in multiple disciplines, including experiential design, branding, information design, and marketing, has led to an understanding of various project types ranging from cultural and civic centers to complex healthcare wayfinding systems and branded workplace environments. She enjoys working closely with clients to uncover their unique story and integrating that into an environment that is responsive to each client’s vision.
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