Philip Mueller



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February 2012

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Visual Communications – Graphic Design from the University of Kansas. During my time in school I worked for organizations such as the campus student-run newspaper in the position of Design Chief and as an intern at KU Athletics for around 2 years. Throughout my experiences at KU Athletics I acquired an interest for design within the sports world. After graduation I was able to pursue this passion further with a position at Populous, one of the greatest sports architecture firms in the world. Since joining the team here, I have been exposed to work in both the collegiate and professional sports level. Projects range from signage and wayfinding to experiential branding, and activation designs. My favorite aspect of my current position is the wide variety of teams, brands, and people that I get to meet and work with. There is always something new to learn or experience. While at KU I also received my minor in German language studies. My mother’s side of my family is german and I still have quite a bit of family who lives there, including my mother. I am fortunate enough to have experienced travel across much of Europe over the years and always look forward to my next adventure.
Volunteer Activities
As a new member I have not had the chance to get involved with the SEGD community yet but look forward to any opportunity in the future. I have participated in a few volunteer activities through work since my time at Populous including the renovation of a non-profit supply warehouse in Kansas City and various running events to raise money for charitable organizations.
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