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April 2008

Peter White has been working in architecture, interior design and exhibit design for 33 years. In 1991 he formed White Design Studio setting up shop in the historic Old Town Center in Mariemont, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. While most firms focused on one or two mediums, Peter White focused on providing integrated design solutions across all mediums for his clients.
Pete White is a piano player, a swimmer, a sailor, a soccer lover, a wooden boat nut and a father. He grew up in and around Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Miami University with a degree in Environmental Design in 1981. Nothing inspires Pete like a challenge and a blank piece of paper, and his fervor is infectious. He leads his designers to excel, his clients to see themselves more clearly, and his vendors to work harder than they would on their own.
White Design Studio deliver sound advice, strategy and design that addresses every stage in the brand cycle. White Design Studio think in concept first and medium second. White Design Studio identify the work that a campaign, or a space, or an interactive needs to do, model a vision of what success looks like, and then design to meet that vision. Because White Design Studio work in just about every medium, they know that things, easily achieved in one medium, may be impossible in another. So White Design Studio designs with that in mind, looking at what channels your brand is in, where it is likely to go in the near term and long term, and design things that communicate the same way across your brand’s entire spectrum.
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