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Paul Orselli

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November 2020

I run my own company called POW! (Paul Orselli Workshop, Inc.) on Long Island, which specializes in museum exhibit design and development.

People generally call on POW! for two main reasons:

1) They have a great idea, but they can’t figure out how to turn it into a workable exhibit or program. Breaking through “creative block” is one of our favorite challenges!

2) They have a crazy, audacious, off-the-wall concept, and they need an experienced creative partner to help turn the idea into reality. We help museum teams (and their design partners) stretch their resources and explore museum exhibit design possibilities that they didn’t think they could afford.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to turn your bright ideas into even better exhibits!

Ask me about

What’s the most exciting exhibition you’ve seen recently?

My super power is

Making complicated things simple but not too simple.

What I love about experience design

Ever since I’ve been a kid, some of my most memorable experiences have happened in museums.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

When you are in charge, and you remember things that made you mad when you weren’t in charge, do things differently.

Where I find Inspiration

Many museums could benefit from being more FUN!

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Exhibition, Placemaking

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Exhibition, Interactive, Interpretive


Education, Entertainment, Museums, Visitor Centers