Paul Dudley



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May 2001

Design and development and manufacturing specialist of custom and modular signage President of ID Signsystems Inc.
Many factors make a project stand the test of time. A well tailored user experience, value based design, and an ability to expand and change information at will. At id Signsystems, we bring all the key elements under one roof to deliver a successful sign program. Our commitment to great design is uncompromising, our experience based research includes stake holders, trend analysis, field and in some cases medical research. We have considerable experience in design-to-build sign programs to allow a creative response to client demands and our modular-component manufacturing capabilities ensure the best value for the end products.
At id Signsystems, we are an all-in-one source for signage/fixture imagery needs for health, retail and campus/institutional environments, take a look at
Personally, I have 25 years sign industry experience drawn from work in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. I have implemented successful Design and Build projects in retail, health and institutional architectural sign environments. I have detailed knowledge in the design and distribution of custom and modular sign systems. My background also includes implementation of brand roll-out signage programs. I am a wayfinding and evidence based design specialist in the health market focusing on sign products to enhance the patient experience. Currently, along with a number of sign related projects I am developing solar powered sign illumination solutions, see
Specialties: wayfinding, product design, sign design and manufacturing techniques, project management, sales and marketing.
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