Nancy Pinckert



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September 1993

Nancy Pinckert is the Principal At NPStudio in Los Angeles.
Nancy Pinckert is a Freelance designer who revels in the opportunity to distill clients’ requests into graphics that elicit surprise, wonder and delight!
Nancy Pinckert listens, and that makes all the difference when there is so much noise. She listens to her clients in order to create an array of print, digital or large scale graphics design solutions that depend on original thinking, accuracy and appropriateness. It is the listening, she believes, which allows the final design to resonate with the client be they singular, collaborating team or institution. Nancy Pinckert’s goal is a graphic solution simply better than that individually or collectively imagined.
Skills acquired at University of California Los Angeles {Master Degree in Architecture, BA Degree in Liberal Arts} and ArtCenter College of Design {2 years undergrad, 15+ years teaching in the Environmental Design Department}, have allowed Nancy to continue to grow and evolve in the ever-changing field of print and digital graphic design.
If you are looking for a graphic designer who is experienced, disciplined, organized, and listens for the unexpected, please view Nancy Pinckert’s work on her websiteand contact her at 562-438-5338. .
Nancy’s specialties: graphic design, design development, design production management, project organization, writing, editing.
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